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COVID-19 Update

Face to Face appointments will resume at the practice from the 15th June assuming lockdown continues to be eased and COVID-19 figures continue to improve. An online therapy service will be available for the foreseeable future.

The practice has been deep cleaned, re-decorated and reorganised to accommodate the 2 metre social distancing guidelines. Pictures posted on latest news.

Hand Sanitizer is available as you enter the building and in my office. The office will be wiped down with antiseptic wipes between clients and deep cleaned on a daily basis.

The cleaning regime at the Monastery has been stepped up. Entrances, corridors, stairs, surfaces etc. are cleaned on a daily basis. And you will find Hand Sanitizer in the loos.

You may want to bring your own water. Bottled water is available.

If you have made a face to face appointment but feel at all unwell, please do not come to the practice we can work online instead. I will adhere to that as well.

Stay Safe

Online Therapy

Online Counselling Service

These are unprecedented times and in order to continue to support my community and extend that support to the wider community my counselling practice needed to evolve and grow.

I have been working in Mental Health for nearly two decades and have taught trainee counsellors. I am a very experienced, highly qualified, psychotherapist/counsellor who has been running a highly successful, established, private couple therapy and one to one counselling practice in Bishops Stortford, Hertfordshire, for over 10 years.

On the occasions face to face clients have been unable, for various reasons to get to my practice in Bishops Stortford, therapeutic support has been provided online, via Skype, WhatsApp and Zoom. Until face to face work becomes viable again all therapeutic services will now be offered online. For those of you who are unsure if online therapy is a medium that would work for you, 30-minute online sessions are being offered to enable you to get a feel if it would. These sessions are available on Thursdays from 2pm. If demand dictates this service will be expanded.

Until face to face work becomes viable, all therapeutic services, one to one and couple therapy, will be available online. Counselling will have a critical role to play during this Pandemic, it can support you to process changing work and family circumstances, financial insecurity, isolation, grief, loss, anxiety, Coronavirus anxiety, uncertainty and trauma. Being on the Coronavirus frontline will leave some feeling very traumatised. Therapy can support you with this.

I feel very fortunate to have access to the technology that I need in order to continue to support and serve my local and wider community during these extraordinary, challenging times. I have a new website through which you can book appointments online and make payments through a secure Worldpay payment gateway. Concession rates are available, please ask, if eligible, I will provide you with a concession code to apply at checkout.

We have provided links below that you can click on, which will direct you to instructions on how to install Skype, WhatsApp and Zoom.




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