Online Counselling

Online Counselling and Psychotherapy Service.

On the occasions face to face clients have been unable, for various reasons to get to my practice in Bishops Stortford, therapeutic support has been provided online, via Skype, WhatsApp and Zoom. Until face to face work becomes viable again all therapeutic services will now be offered online. 30-minute online sessions are available to help you to determine if counselling online is a service and a medium that works for you. Available on Thursdays from 2pm. If demand dictates this service will be expanded.

Ideally online counselling should run alongside face to face therapy, however, sometimes this is not viable.

Online therapy enables me to provide therapeutic services across the country, reaching individuals in remote or rural areas where access to a counselling services isn’t available. I am hoping those that may find it difficult to leave their home may also consider using an online service. My Bishops Stortford practice is on the second floor, if you would like a face to face session and find stairs difficult or perhaps impossible, please let me know, I have use of an accessible room on the ground floor which I can book as and when required.

Until face to face work becomes viable, all therapeutic services are currently offered online. Counselling will have a critical role to play during this Pandemic, it can support you to process changing work and family circumstances, financial insecurity, isolation, grief, loss, anxiety, Coronavirus anxiety and uncertainty. 30-minute online therapy sessions are available to help you to determine if counselling online is a service and a medium that works for you.

We have provided links below that you can click on, which will direct you to instructions on how to install Skype, WhatsApp and Zoom.




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