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I have been working In mental health for nearly two decades. I have taught trainee counsellors and I am a very experienced, highly qualified, psychotherapist/counsellor and have been running a highly successful, established private counselling practice in Bishops Stortford for over 12 years.

I have over 12 years of a wide range of self-development work under my belt which is enabling me to navigate these turbulent times in a way that keeps me very grounded so that iI am better placed and able to support and serve you through these unprecedented times.

I am also a Yogi and have had the privilege to meet and learn from some extraordinary Shamanic teachers, who have guided and mentored me into how to embody and embrace Shamanic teachings and Shamnic ways of being, in such a way that I have found really healing and hope you will too.

I find myself in these turbulent times sitting with the question, how can I support you through this time of great turmoil and change? How does my counselling practice need to evolve and grow in a way that better serves you at this time?

I am a highly qualified and very experienced therapist, whith a post graduate diploma in couple therapy and run a very successful and established couple therapy practice. Along side this practice I also run an established and highly successful one to one counselling practice and can support you with a wide range of issues such as anxiety, stress, depression, abuse, grief, loss and low self-esteem. Fear seems to be the energy that feels all-consuming at the moment and I am wondering if you have been or are caught in that too.

I am evolving my practice in a way that I hope will combine my skills, grounding and knowledge gained from great psychotherapists such as Freud, Bowlby and Carl Rogers to name but a few with new emerging skills and knowledge being passed onto me from some extraordinary Shamanic teachers and healers.

The Coronavirus has made me reflect on how unique, different and similar we are. And how connected we are and at the same time how disconnected with ourselves we are and the Earth that we live on, which sustains us and yet we have taken for granted for far too long.

I believe I have a unique combination of skills and knowledge that serve me well, with which I would welcome the opportunity to use in order to support and serve you.

“We live on a blue planet. That cirlces around a ball of fire. Next to a moon that moves the sea” And you dont believe in miracles?

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