Shamanic Healing

Wholeness and Healing Offering

I have been studying Shamanism for many years and have had the privilege and honour of crossing paths with some truly remarkable teachers. I’m currently furthering my studies with Nico Wolf co-founder of the school of Liminal Arts.

Wholeness and Healing are intrinsically linked. The “hard knocks” of life and events impact and shape us, sometimes in such a way that we stop nourishing that which makes our spirt, our souls, sing and dance. And when that happens our weave (each of us have a weave) becomes knotted, or perhaps threads fall out or perhaps paths become blocked.

This shamanic offering involves breath work, deep meditation and a journey accompanied by a shamanic rattle or drum to a liminal place. There you will be invited to take a deep dive into the cauldron of ancient wisdom, myth, fairy-tale, legend, poetry accompanied by a knowledge lecture or two and music. I will work on your weave. Perhaps I can loosen a knot or two, re thread a thread that’s hanging on by a thread! or perhaps I can remove a knot or two.

With your breath, will, imagination and a spell or two you will be transported to a sacred place where medicine, magic and ancient wisdom will support and guide you on your journey back towards wholeness and healing. You will be invited to work with this guidance and with what unfolds for you. The medicine will not work on its own.

You are your own spiritual authority. You need to feel grounded to embark on this journey. If you do not, you may need a course of psychotherapy first. Psychotherapy and shamanic healing complement each other beautifully. There is no short cut to wholeness and healing. It’s a journey that involves you dancing and moving with your courage, resilience, integrity, congruence, honesty, grace and strength. This offering will support you on that journey.

Duration – 90 minutes Cost £100

Date – That works for us both. Time 830pm or thereabouts on either a Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evening.

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