Welcome to Finding You

Welcome to my new website. I hope you find it easy to navigate, useful and helpful. I am Karen and I have been working in mental health for nearly two decades. I have taught trainee counsellors and I am a very experienced, highly qualified, psychotherapist/counsellor and have been running a highly successful, established private couple therapy and one to one counselling practice in Bishops Stortford for over ten years.

You can now book appointments online and make payments through a secure Worldpay payment gateway. Concession rates are available, please ask, if eligible I will provide you with a concession code to apply at checkout.

When choosing a psychotherapist/counsellor please check their qualifications and make sure they are registered members of an accredited counselling organisation. Someone advertising themselves as a psychotherapist has normally trained for five years for that qualification. Someone advertising themselves as a counsellor has normally trained for three years for that qualification. Make sure yours has. Unfortunately, many who advertise that they are qualified psychotherapists/counsellors are not. Finding You is registered on the British Association Of Counsellors And Psychotherapists website (BACP)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is counselling?

Counselling/psychotherapy provides a supportive safe space in which you can talk in confidence to an experienced, professional counsellor who will listen to you in a way in which you probably have never been listened to before.

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How do I get started?

Give us a call, or if you prefer email us with your telephone number and we will call you. Should you wish to explore counselling further we will then arrange to meet.

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How long does counselling take?

This will depend on your own personal needs and is something you might like to consider and agree with your counsellor.

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