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~ Work place counselling ~

Business today is far more pressured and stressful than it was a few years ago. Emotional distress can affect physical health and a person’s ability to perform effectively. Problems at home can affect a person’s performance at work, and vice versa, problems at work can have an impact on a person’s life at home/outside work.

"People are more insecure in their jobs, so they're putting up with things they otherwise wouldn't necessarily put up with," As a result, employers are not getting the best out of their employees. "If they don't feel valued, they're putting in long hours or they're treated like numbers, you'll end up with people who are not loyal to the organisation; who don't work hard. Performance goes down, profitability goes down and productivity goes down." (Carol Spiers - Executive stress)

From time to time, people need to be able to talk in confidence about issues/problems that they are having at work and or at home.  It may be about increased workloads, strained relationships with colleagues, performance or productivity issues, or even guilt at still being in work when others have been made redundant.  A close relative may be ill, a partner perhaps has walked out or perhaps they are struggling to adjust to a bereavement.

It is estimated that 13.5 million working days are lost each year through stress, anxiety and depression alone. (ISMA facts about stress)

A counsellor will create a safe confidential space within which employees can process their thoughts, clear their minds, gain clarity, explore options and get themselves back on track.
Counselling can take place in the work place if there is a suitable room available.  Or in our consultancy room in Bishops Stortford East Herts.

It is important to look after your staff, even if their issues are not caused by work factors.  When counselling is offered by an employer, the staff member feels valued and supported. 


Benefits of workplace counselling are:


  • Stress significantly reduced/returns to normal levels
  • Stress related absences from the workplace fall
  • Motivation, commitment and job satisfaction improves
  • Personal wellbeing improves
  • Staff members are more able to identify and resolve problems


Our aim is to support your employees to find the tools and coping strategies that they need to deal with work related stress and issues that are causing them problems at home.  Although it is vital to help employees deal with the issues that have lead them to seek counselling, counselling can also help them deal with further pressures and stress levels that may have to be managed at some point in the future.


Author Karen Brewster founder of Finding You a private counselling practice Bishops Stortford East Herts.