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Windhill, Bishops Stortford,
Hertfordshire, CM23 2ND


HOURS: Tuesday - Friday: 9am - 9pm

HOURS: Saturday: 10am - 2pm
PHONE: 07999 340455

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~ Individual counselling ~

One to One Counselling


The silence and lack of understanding about mental illness encourages feelings of shame, and discourages people to seek treatment or even to admit that symptoms they may be experiencing may be related to mental ill health.

Life events, relationships, trying to please, trying to fit in all have an impact on us and as a result sometimes we lose sight of who "we really are" and "what we really want". This in-turn can have an impact on our physical and mental well being. We may become unwell, depressed, anxious, stressed etc. A counsellor creates a safe, confidential space, within which you can process your thoughts, feelings and the life events that have had an impact on you and taken their toll.

 The counselling process helps you to gain clarity, and supports you as you explore choices/options/decisions that you may need to make to get yourself back on track. Once back on track you will start to feel better and anxieties, stress and depression etc will subside.

Counselling can support you to gain insight into the following.

Lack of confidence, Low self esteem

Relationship issues, marital, partner, family

Bereavement & loss

Physical illness

Difficulty in expressing feelings

Loneliness, isolation

Issues relating to abuse or unhappiness in childhood

Depression, feeling down, excessive sleep, sleep disturbance

Anxiety, panicky, panic attacks.

Stress, work related, post traumatic stress

Women's issues

Drug & Alcohol, excessive drinking or other substance abuse

Abuse, Violence, bullying, neglect

Stuck, confused, reached a crossroads

Problems with no known cause

Endings, new beginnings, transition and change.