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~ Marriage Counselling/Couples Therapy~

Marriage counselling/Couples therapy. 


Specialists in couples therapy; marriage and relationship counselling. Couples therapy for heterosexual and gay couples. We embrace difference and partnership.


Couples therapy - helping you to keep the intimacy and love alive in your relationships and marriage.


Having a specialist interest in supporting couples; heterosexual and gay to keep the intimacy and love alive in their relationships i now specialise in couples therapy marriage and relationship work. I have undertaken a cutting edge two year post graduate couples therapy course at the Centre For Gender Psychology in London. And am committed to undertake further specialist training in this area.


Through experience we have learnt that for couples to determine whether or not  relationship counselling could benefit  them a full 60 minute session is required from the outset.  The charge  for this session is £70 before 5pm, £80 after 5pm, £100 Saturday's and lasts 60 minutes.  Payment of £70/£80/£100  at the end of the first session will be required to secure an appointment for the following week.

Relationships normally bring out intense feelings; both pleasurable and difficult. Relationships can make us feel exposed and vulnerable. 
 One of the most difficult times for people that fall "in love" can be the inevitable period in which the "in love" feeling begins to fade. This could be anywhere from a week to several years. 

Being with the person that you thought was ‘the one’  may no longer seem effortless or exciting anymore and your partner’s imperfections may become only too visible and irritating. When things become difficult you may feel like that you have made a terrible mistake.

Is your relationship, marriage in crises?  Has your  relationship, marriage reached breaking point ? Don't lose heart, believe it or not this is normally a "healthy sign" (not convinced! and perhaps even a little shocked!)  that your relationships needs to evolve and grow but is stuck in a very hard, turbulent and painful place because its resisting the changes that need  to take place in your relationship in order for it evolve and grow.


Who do you turn to when you are struggling with your relationship, marriage?


You are both responsible for your relationship but a relationship, marriage counsellor  has the expertise to support you and your  relationship  through  this very difficult period of transition and change.


Relationship, marriage  counselling requires commitment from both parties.  It can be very challenging and  will involve each of you taking a long hard look at you, who you are, how you are and why you interact the way that you do with each other  in your relationship. 


Relationship, marriage  counselling requires each of you to make an enormous commitment to your  marriage/relationship, probably at a time when resentment in the relationship makes  this sort of commitment extremely hard to make.


To experience a deeper level of real intimacy (and I'm not  only talking about sex, which I expect is non-existent at the moment) in a relationship there has to be trust, understanding and  you have to feel understood.  


The relationship, marriage counselling process will support you to explore  vulnerabilities without fear.  Each of you will need to feel that you are able  to be vulnerable with each of you knowing that your vulnerabilities will not be used against you.  


A relationship, marriage counsellor has the expertise and skills to support you both to explore intimacy  in a safe place.  Intimacy  relies on patience, mutuality, respect,  constancy and  honesty.  Without healthy self-disclosure at the right time, there can be no intimacy. And that takes honesty about who you are and how you feel. The more intimate you are, the safer you feel and the more worthwhile your relationship will be.


Ready to walk away from your  marriage, relationship? or ready to give relationship, marriage counselling a go?


As part of my Continuous Personal Development I am currently taking part in a series of workshops run by  Helena Løvendal Sørensen and Nick Duffell, at The Centre For Gender Psychology.


Helena and Nick have worked with many couples in crisis, and in the early Nineties taught at the Institute of Psychosynthesis, London. They have been passionately engaged in the reality of gender psychology for many years and have worked with many leading teachers in the field. Currently, they train and supervise psychotherapists and couple-counsellors in the UK , Europe, and Scandinavia. They are the authors of the acclaimed Sex, Love, and the Dangers of Intimacy, Thorsens, 2002. They are currently working on several books on gender and sexuality.