About us

Who We Are


I am a highly qualified and very experienced psychotherapist with a post graduate diploma in couple therapy and run a very successful and established couple therapy and one to one counselling practice.

Services We Offer

One to one counselling

One to one counselling. A 50 minute consultation is offered to enable us to determine if i am the right counsellor for you. Prices start from £50.

Couples counselling

Embracing difference and partnership. A 60 minute consultation is offered to determine if i am the right counsellor for you. Prices start from £70.

Online counselling

One to one counselling and couple therapy offered via Skype, Whatsapp & Zoom. Ideally running alongside face to face work. Prices start from £30.

Body and breath work

Learn how to expel what you dont need, what weighs you down and darkens your heart. Video coming soon.

Invitation to reflect

Sandra Ingram, Soul Retrieval.

"My external world begins to mirror what i am feeling internally. Lets take the concept one step further. If we as human beings have lost our souls, could it be that we are having that mirrored back to us by our envirnment? Are we living on a planet thats lost its soul? Perhaps the environmental problems we are seeing reflect our own soul loss. Are the diseases we see today mirroring back to us how the planet has lost its soul? Consider the immune deficiency diseases that effect us in epidemic proportions"

"I wonder wether bringing back significant number of souls will help to recover the soul of the earth, mirroring back to us our return to harmony"